The Wrong Side of Heaven

2075-03-20 Back in Business

Rescue mission for MacCallister

Wednesday March 20, 2075

We get a call from an ork with a datajack. Says his name is MacCallister and wants to meet up at Underworld 93 at 7pm. We get a free Mercurial concert out of it as she is headed out on her comeback tour. Free concert? Sure why not.

At the concert, which is surprisingly good for an older woman who is all chromed up, we end up having a bit of a run in with a drunk idiot and then a spirit. This is not what I consider to be a great experience but it is what happens out in the barrens. Our magical community is able to knock out the crazy guy before he can kill some lady, but the spirit overwatch isn’t thrilled with their spell casting and comes to let us know about it. Luckily all is saved when McCallister comes to meet with us to go over what he wants done.

So a woman has gone missing and the employer wants her found. They are willing to give us 17,000Y to rescue her. We agree and finally we get the real information. The missing woman’s name is Fiona Craig who arrived in Seattle from Greece, but didn’t show up to her morning meetings for her job. She is an arcano-archaeologist.

On the way out of the club, we run into a dwarf who offers up his business card. It names him Laurent Nazaire of the Atlantean Association. He says that Fiona was smuggling and item and that he would like to have that item and is willing to pay 14,000Y for it. We talk it out and decide that the item wasn’t mentioned in the original rescue so we agree to the deal. We are looking for a fist sized shard of obsidian and it will have a magic aura. Easy, right?

A little bit of research gets us a picture of her as well as that she did get in a cab at seatac. Her hotel is the Movla Hill hotel in Bellevue and she checked in at 4:30pm. We hack our way into getting AJ on the room and he heads up and find that she was going to meet with a smuggle in the Ork Underground. We find that the pawns are looking for the same smuggler, Jack Turner. The stone that Laurent is after must be part of the Morel Stone as we find a journal entry outlining it.

Wouldn’t it be our luck to show up to the Ork Underground and there is a gang turf war? Well the Reality Hoboes and the Skratcha were having a minor disagreement. We couldn’t stay out of it and everyone starts slinging spells and sending bullets flying. Lucky for us the pawns show up and round up everyone. Lucky. So then we got sit around waiting for them to clean up and process folks, which meant they let us stew.

We are introduced to Tosh Athack who works for DA Oaks. They are looking for us to take care of someone in the Ork Underground and bring them back to the surface for the bargain price of 18,000Y. We were going to be in the area, so why not? Turns out they are looking for Jack Turner as well because he has been smuggling in BTL via his boat the Fortune Hunter. About that time, we get a call from Imaginary Annie who lets us know that Jack owns a warehouse in Pirate’s Cove.

Back to the Underground we go. A local kid named Pip offers to escort us to Pirate’s Cove. Good thing he knows all the toll booths to hit so that we can help fund the Ork cause. Either way, we make it and start our search for Warehouse and the Fortune Hunter.

The Fortune Hunter is easy to find. We spend a little bit of time going over it and find nothing of any value there. We are able to find the warehouse from the boat though and with a quick search we can find that there are a pile of matrix devices in the building and that there is some kind of ward over the place. That building nearly ended us and only the one man, handsome army that is AJ was able to save the day. He full-autoed his way through a pile of goons and then used his suave debonaire styles to get us Fiona and the artifact. Unfortunately, we were not able to convince Jack to turn himself in, but 2 outta 3 ain’t bad. We delivered Fiona back to the client who turned out be her dad, not her employer. Trust in this biz is so short. He asked about the stone, but honestly I have no idea what Jack would have done with it. So we turned the stone into Laurent to get a little change. All said and told, we made off with 31,000Y and ton of bullet holes.

Man, my reactions suck… I think I am going to have work on that.

Mycroft out.


Zephyr00 ajdykstr

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